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Florida Professional License #1245010






I currently hold a 5-year Renewable Professional license in Florida with the following certifications:

*  Elementary Education (K-6)

*  Exceptional Student Education (K-12)

*  General Science (5-9)

*  Mathematics (5-9)


The effective date for my license is 7/1/2014 and the expiration date is 6/30/2024.

To verify my (or any other Florida teacher's) certification: (Public Search on the top right, then choose a search option)



* Florida Math Teacher & Support Facilitator since 2015

* Math / Science / Writing / Reading Teacher since 2003

* Well-acquainted with Florida's education standards & ready to take on the newly adopted standards

* Years of experience serving on IEP teams, writing IEPs, and tutoring ESE students

* Focused - and skilled with - on improving students' comprehension, not just remembering until the next test

* Highly knowledgeable - and with proven success - moving students forward who have fallen behind

* Adept with connecting math skills, student interests and potential career interests​


I've taught in Florida's public and charter schools since 2015 and know teachers are overwhelmed. Class sizes exceeding twenty-five are common, leaving the most dedicated of teachers with no time for hand-holding those who are struggling. In most cases, teachers assign these students computer-based math programs, which might help some, but often don't fix any underlying problems. As a tutor, I’ve worked with individual students, small groups, and also tutored remotely. I’ve taught students in small towns, as well as those enrolled at prestigious international schools in India, China, Georgia, Gabon, and Costa Rica. I enjoy - and feel the greatest motivation for - working with those who either fear Math or who've fallen behind. Such students are often overwhelmed and want to give up. Students who need alternative teaching methods are also a welcome challenge. I was one of these students and it took me too long to recognize my own mathematical aptitude. Given the importance of math skills in so many fields - engineering, medicine, architecture, chemistry, urban planning, epidemiology - I want students to know what they're capable of.

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