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*  most afternoons and evenings until 9:00

*  Saturdays & Sundays (most public libraries are closed Sundays and Mondays, but I can tutor in a cafe or your home)

*  email, text, or call to find out when I'm available

I'm Flexible


Every student has different needs. Your eighth or ninth grade son or daughter might be struggling with solving systems of equations and needs only two or three tutoring sessions to get back on track. Or maybe your third grade daughter or son is struggling with Math due to a prolonged absence last year. Because the repercussions for scoring poorly on the third grade Math FSA can be significant, you may feel she or he need tutoring for several months.

Some students genuinely want to succeed in Math class and know that doing so will help them achieve their goals. Others fail to see the need for learning math because their goals may have seemingly little to do with the subject. Many students come to the conclusion they're not good at math based on past experiences. I approach each student as an individual. My goal is to determine what needs to be done to ensure their engagement, confidence, and ability to comprehend the skills I need to teach them.

I am flexible and I also enjoy telling students - and their parents - they've improved sufficiently and don't need my help because they're performing at grade level.

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